As a developer with skills spanning the entire stack, I work on components and layers from the API to the UI.


I'm currently studying microbiology as an undergraduate at the University of Kansas.


My active hobby projects rotate every so often. I am currently actively maintaining a few projects:

WATCHPARTY -- Synchronized group playback for licensed streaming services
This is a browser extension which synchronizes the playback of shows and movies, letting groups of users watch shows together in a virtual "watch party". The service and API are implemented in Java through Dropwizard and WebSocket libraries and is hosted on my personal Dokku server. The UI bundled with the extension is written with Vue.

ELEM.TO -- Interactive periodic table of elements
A really fun front-end project I wanted to build as something that I could personally reference. The interactivity was accomplished with Vue. The associated service which serves elemental data is a NodeJS adapter for a SQLite database using Restify.

RAVATAR/RAVICON -- An identicon implementation
One of my buddies gave me this idea after designing a series of avatars for TeamHTP. Ravatar is a project which procedurally generates unique identicons based on any input. The current implementation renders onto an HTML canvas. Ravicon is a Chrome extension which uses the domain of a website to generate an identicon to combat typo-squatted domain name related attacks. The favicon of this site is generated with Ravatar.

BRUHH.WTF -- Simple image hosting service
Another full stack project. This was the result of my need for a controlled endpoint for ShareX to upload to. By rolling my own image hosting service, I can expect full control over the files which are hosted in the cloud with Backblaze B2 buckets. The API is implemented in Java through Spark hosted on my personal Dokku server. The UI is written with Vue and is hosted on the same Dokku server. The B2 CDN router is implemented through CloudFlare workers.

IDLECORP -- Industry themed idle tycoon game bot for the Discord chat platform
This project involved designing an idle game and developing that game using the Discord API. On Discord, users can create desginated communities referred to as servers. Server admins can then choose to add any number of bots to those servers. At the moment, IdleCorp has been added to over 2,000 servers and processes about 10,000 player actions daily.

Plenty of my other projects can still be found on GitHub.


As a member of TeamHTP, I've participated in a total of six collegiate hackathons, winning prizes in four of them. Our hackathon projects can all be found on DEVPOST.


Outside of coding, I also enjoy photography, building keyboards, digital electronics, biking, and playing video games.


If you want to get in touch, you can email me at: [email protected].